Dog Sofa Bed Replacement Covers by George Barclay

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Our George Barclay dog bed covers make cleaning easy, or an option to mix up your décor.

One of the unique features of our dog beds, is their modular design. Whether when one cover is in the wash, or you simply want to change up the décor in your house, you are able to refresh your existing George Barclay England dog bed with a replacement cover, available to order separately here on the website.

For sofa beds the replacement covers fit both orthopaedic fill and memory topper mattress beds. Simply order the same size cover to your existing bed and change out as often as you like. 

All our beds are fabricated using handpicked upholstery fabrics and materials sourced from across the globe and have a multi-layer fabric composition. These materials provide a soft, inviting surface for pets to lie on, yet are extremely durable.

To help keep George Barclay dog beds looking and smelling like new, all outer covers are machine washable.

Please note: There will be slight colour variations on products due to different lighting and device screen settings.

About The Product

The George Barclay sofa bed replacement covers have been produced using the finest quality upholstery fabric. The bed covers utilise a soft woven fabric for the sleep area, paired with either full fabric on the country range or contrasting faux leather exterior on all the other sofa bed covers. The covers are all finished with faux suede piping and an embossed or embroidered centre patch to complete the bed's signature styling. The 3-sided design forms a cosy environment for your dog, whilst retaining easy access.</p>

Creatures of Comfort
Creatures of Comfort


  • Three-sided bolster for additional support
  • Removable outer cover
  • Choice of cushioning (select before purchase)
  • Moisture Shield™ protective water-resistant inner covers
  • Non-slip oxford base
  • Machine washable cover
  • Additional covers can be purchased separately


Washing & Reassembly

Customer Reviews

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Amazing beds - my boyfriend believes our dogs now have a better mattress than we do!

I purchased a large sofa bed (with memory topper mattress fill) for my 8 year old, 32kg English Shepherd, Lady Pants, and a large box bed for my 8 year old, 30kg Cattle Dog Mix, Danny Boy. I initially enquired about a specific colour/pattern before ordering, which Jess from Creatures of Comfort quickly responded to. The ordering process was simple and straightforward, and delivery was extremely quick (matter of days - note that I live in the same city that the company is based). The instructions and videos provided by Jess and Trent were extremely helpful in putting the beds together once they arrived. Jess was also super quick to help resolve an issue related to receiving a spare cover for the wrong bed.
My two dogs love their beds, Lady splays herself out on the sofa bed, and Danny snuggles into the walls of the box bed. The heritage moonlight pattern is fantastic, and the materials are top quality. I recommend these fantastic beds, especially if your dogs are getting older and arthritis is on their doorstep. My partner believes that the dogs now have a better mattress than we do!!