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Our product range is not only elegant and luxurious but also highly functional and great value. Our orthopaedic dog beds are sourced from George Barclay England using handpicked European fabrics and materials sourced from across the globe. We are proud to be supplying these quality pet beds to Australia.

Bed Features

Creatures of Comfort
Machine Washable
Creatures of Comfort
Durable European Fabrics
Creatures of Comfort
Orthopaedic Filling
Creatures of Comfort
Money-back Guarantee
Creatures of Comfort
SofTough Fabric Technology
Creatures of Comfort
Moisture Shield Water Resistant Liner

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Happiness Guarantee

Our #1 priority at Creatures of Comfort is your happiness and your dog's comfort. We stand by the quality and longevity of our products 100%! If you have a problem, we will work with you to solve it. Just reach out to us. We are here for you and your pets. Happiness. Guaranteed.

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XX-Large Mattress Dog Bed with Orthopaedic Fill by George Barclay
X-Large Mattress Dog Bed with Memory Topper Mattress Fill by George Barclay
Medium Dog Sofa Bed with Orthopaedic Fill by George Barclay
Medium Dog Sofa Bed with Memory Topper Mattress Fill by George Barclay
Large Soft Walled Box Dog Bed by George Barclay
Snuggle Friends Sheep
Replacement Covers

Box Beds

Creatures of Comfort

Sofa Beds

Creatures of Comfort


Creatures of Comfort

All of our products are made from quality European fabrics and the finest materials. Our range of luxury box beds, sofa beds and mattresses, are some of the best on the market, so you can ensure your dog benefits from maximum comfort. For younger dogs or those who want to snuggle, our orthopaedic memory foam beds use top grade blended memory foam particles, making them especially comfortable. For older dogs or ones with mobility concerns, our memory topper mattresses have extra padding and cushioning, so rest assured your dog will be properly supported and free from aches and pains.

Premium Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Our range of premium orthopaedic dog beds at Creatures of Comfort is guaranteed to give your pups many nights of long snoozes. Not only are they a luxurious addition to your household, but their level of comfort is something your dogs will thank you for. These luxury orthopaedic dog beds have been handpicked from the prestigious George Barclay brand in England. As the only distributor of these high-quality dog beds in Australia, all of our customers have agreed that their quality and durability is something that they’ve been searching for.

Benefits of Orthopaedic Dog Beds

We’re a small, local business, with a passion for looking after our four-legged friends, so we understand how important it is for dogs to receive the support and comfort they need. Our luxury dog beds in Australia are filled with memory foam, which is the ultimate material for distributing your dog’s weight evenly and reducing pressure in their joints.

Memory Foam

Quality memory foam will stop your dog from sinking through poor quality foam onto the hard floor, and will ensure a relaxing night’s sleep. This extra support can also reduce pain and discomfort for dogs with canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle loss, and other issues to do with aging or bone degeneration. We make sure you have the perfect size and style for your dog’s particular needs - so they’re also ideal for young, healthy dogs!

Dog Bed Sizes

When you’re purchasing a long-lasting, luxury dog bed for your pooch, it’s important to choose the right size to ensure they can enjoy the full benefits. We’re dog owners too, so we know how frustrating it can be trying to pick the right option on your own - that’s why we have an easy-to-use dog bed selector tool to help you make the perfect decision. Just measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, and answer the questions to guide you through to the perfect bed for your pet. If you’re a new dog parent - and have a puppy who is rapidly growing - we recommend you buy a bed the size larger than they currently are. Also, pick a soft, walled bed so they’ll be comfortable and feel safe as well.

Luxury Dog Beds

If you’re tired of your dog secretly abandoning their bed for yours in the middle of the night, then our orthopaedic dog beds might be the answer. With extensive customer feedback, we know that a soft, luxury dog bed will leave your pup so comfy they won’t even try to sneak onto yours.

The Start of Something Special

Here at Creatures of Comfort, we began our journey because we couldn’t find a suitable bed for our aging dog Ollie. He always chose the couch or our bed over his, and we needed to change that! We wanted something that was easy to clean, high quality, eco-friendly and gave superior support to anything we saw on the Australian market. That’s when we found George Barclay beds from England, and we decided that we needed to share their exceptional dog beds with other Australian dog owners.

Features of George Barclay Dog Beds

Our range of luxury dog beds in Australia are designed to make things easier for you as well as your dog. They have a Moisture Shield Water Resistant Liner and a made with innovative SofTech technology. This means you will have an easier cleanup job if there are any accidents! They also have machine-washable replacement covers, a godsend for anyone who has attempted to hand wash dog bed covers in the sink. Replacement covers are also useful if the original is wearing through, or you just need to wash it, this way you’ll always be able to keep your pet’s bed clean, fresh and smelling like new. Every pet owner wants their dog to be happy and healthy, so why don’t you treat your furry friend to a luxury dog bed? They’ll definitely thank you!