RUFF Play Tyre Treat Roller

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The team over at RUFF Play creates some of the best pet products around! Perfect for hiding treats in, this Tyre Treat Roller is a boredom buster made from durable non-toxic rubber that is soft on gums and teeth. Put your dog’s favourite treats or kibble inside and watch them work to release all of the food. Perfect for those known to be RUFF!

Please note: All our toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the toy out of your dog's reach and replace with a designated chew toy.

Please understand that no dog toy is indestructible, so choose appropriate toy for the age, shape, size and breed of your dog. Monitor use at all times.  

Always supervise your pet with new toys, inspect them regularly and remove them if they become damaged or unsafe.
Easy to clean, simply rinse with water and air dry after use.
Large - 12cm long x 8cm deep
Suited for most dog breeds

About the Product

This toy from RUFF Play is designed to be great for dental health in your furry friend yet gentle on teeth and gums. This Tyre Treat Roller is made from a very strong and durable non-toxic rubber. This dog toy is a perfect boredom buster that allows you to load multiple treats into it. It has a ruff outside but remains soft enough for your dog's gums and teeth.  

Creatures of Comfort
Creatures of Comfort


  • Durable rubber
  • Soft on teeth and gums
  • Designed for stimulation
  • Perfect for quiet play sessions
  • Made for indoor use 
  • Easy to clean after a day of play