The George Barclay Difference

Only the best for your companion.

George Barclay's dog beds are the definition of comfort. Creatures of Comfort provide our customers and their dearly loved pets in Australia with quality dog beds that are made from the finest materials.

Creatures of Comfort

Quality products made from the finest materials

The George Barclay brand is synonymous with quality excellence and ultimate indulgence. As exclusive distributors, our range of luxury orthopaedic dog beds are the most luxurious, supportive, comforting, and long-lasting on the market, perfect for the discerning dog.


Creatures of Comfort

Orthopaedic - Blended Memory Foam Particles

Produced using a blend of memory foam and regular foam, this cushioning will remain cooler than a solid memory foam mattress, while retaining its’ orthopaedic properties. The blended memory foam particles easily mould around the shape of your dogs’ body, achieving supreme comfort and support for your companion. A simple shake of the fill will invigorate the particles as needed. Recommended for younger dogs or dogs that prefer to settle into their bed.

Creatures of Comfort

Memory Topper Mattress

Our Memory Topper mattress is a formed mattress, with superior comfort and supportive characteristics. The base of the mattress is produced from a high-density foam, providing uncompromised support for even the largest breeds. The mattress's top layer, utilises a dense memory foam with optimum rebound characteristics, allowing the mattress to contour to your dog’s body shape. The dual layer construction, ensures the mattress will remain cooler than a conventional memory foam mattress. Recommended for dogs that prefer a more stable bed, those who are a bit older or with mobility issues, or those who predominantly sleep outstretched.


All our beds are fabricated using handpicked European fabrics and materials sourced from across the globe and have a multi-layer fabric composition. These materials provide a soft, inviting surface for pets to lie on, yet are extremely durable. To help keep George Barclay dog beds looking and smelling like new, all outer covers are machine washable. Please refer to the care instructions inside the bed’s cover for specific washing instructions.

Creatures of Comfort

Inner Lining

The bed’s inner liner, used to contain the cushioning inside a George Barclay dog bed, is equipped with Moisture Shield™ technology. The liner’s surfaces adjacent to the bed’s sleep area are backed with a waterproof PU (Polyurethane) coating, protecting the bed’s filling from moisture. This water resistant barrier remains flexible, with minimal noise, so as not to disturb dogs as they settle.

Creatures of Comfort


Many George Barclay pet beds are produced using our SofTough™ fabrics. These materials provide a soft, inviting surface for pets to lie on, yet are extremely durable. This is achieved by using a multi-layer fabric composition.

Creatures of Comfort


The sleep area of many George Barclay dog beds has been coated with WoofWax™ water repellent. WoofWax™ is applied to the fabric fibres forming a flexible water repellent barrier, preventing the material from ‘wetting out’ and allowing moisture vapour to pass through, maintaining breathability.