Why It’s So, So Important to Give Your Dog a Great Place to Sleep!

Most of us can’t wait to collapse into a comfy bed at the end of a long day. Our beds are warm, safe spaces where we can relax in peace. But what about our dogs? Do they really need their own bed?


Are dog beds necessary?

If you live with a dog, you know that they can sleep a lot. Not only do they sleep all night, but they snooze throughout the day too. It’s enough to make us busy humans jealous! 

Most dogs sleep 12 hours or more a day. With so much shut-eye time, it’s pretty important for a dog to have a comfortable and supportive place to sleep. If your dog is curling up on the couch or spreading out on the hard tiles each night, it’s time to get your best mate a better place to sleep.


Are dog beds good for dogs?

Yes! Dog beds are beneficial in many ways. Here are our top reasons why you should invest in a good quality bed for your doggo. 

  • Provides comfort. Although you might see your dog lounging around on hard surfaces from time to time, they need a comfortable place to sleep. None of us would like to lay night after night on an uncomfortable bed, let alone the floor. Same goes for dogs. They need a comfortable, inviting place where they can close their eyes and get good quality sleep.

  • Keeps your dog healthy. Continually sleeping on hard surfaces can negatively affect a dog’s health. If your dog already has achy joints or mobility issues, a comfortable, supportive bed is essential. Orthopaedic dog beds can help ease their pain and make getting into and out of bed easier.

  • Gives your dog their own space. Puppies want to feel safe and older dogs need somewhere to call their own. The rest of the house belongs to the people, but a dog bed is a space where your pup can retreat when they need to. 

  • Lets you reclaim your spaces. When a dog has their own space, you’ll have better control over your own spaces. Let your dog sleep with you if you want, but when you need the bed for yourself, you can send them to their own comfy bed without feeling guilty.

  • Improves cleanliness. When your dog has her own bed, they’ll be less likely to track hair and dirt throughout the rest of the home. Good quality dog beds can be washed regularly, making it easier for you to keep both your dog and home clean. When choosing a bed for your dog, be sure to keep your eye out for the dog bed washing instructions. The easier to wash, the less hassle for you!

  • Are orthopaedic dog beds worth it?

    Orthopaedic dog beds are specially designed to help protect and care for your dog’s muscles and bones. Orthopaedic dog beds are a must for older dogs and dogs who have joint pain, but they are also an excellent choice for all dogs! 

    So why does my dog need an orthopaedic bed? The memory foam mattress in an orthopaedic dog bed helps relieve aches and pains, improves mobility and provides excellent support for dogs of all ages. Quality memory foam is incredibly resilient and durable, which means orthopaedic dog beds tend to last longer.


    Looking for the perfect bed for your dog?

    At Creatures of Comfort, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect bed for your furry friend. We love the comfort and support our George Barclay beds provide our own dogs. We know pup will love them too!

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