Looking After the Bed That Looks After Your Dog!

No matter how much we want them to stay clean, our dogs get dirty. Whether your dog has just had a good roll around in something grotty, is bringing half the beach with him into the house or is shedding hair like crazy, dog beds get dirty pretty quickly.  

It’s important to know how to clean your dog’s bed effectively. A cleaner dog bed is better for the health of your dog and family. Regularly cleaned dog beds also smell better, look fresher and will last longer.


Can you wash dog beds in the washing machine? 

If you’re looking for a dog bed, be sure to choose one that can be washed in the washing machine. This will make it so much easier to keep the bed clean.

Our George Barclay beds are easy to wash. Simply take the outer cover off and pop it in the machine. Refer to the dog bed washing instructions inside your bed and always follow these to avoid damaging the materials.


How often should you wash dog bedding?

It’s a good rule of thumb to wash your dog’s bed every week or two, just as you would wash your own bedding.

However, you might want to wash your dog’s bed more frequently if anyone in your household has allergies or if your dog sheds a lot. Dog beds can carry nasty bacteria and parasites which can spread throughout the home. Washing frequently helps you keep your home healthier for everyone.


How to wash a dog bed

The outer cover of George Barclay beds are machine washable. Simply take the cover off and pop it into your washing machine. For instructions specific to your dog’s bed, always refer to the care label.

Use the highest temperature setting in your washing machine. This will help kill any parasites and germs living on the bed. You can tumble dry or drip dry the cover.

Where possible, choose natural washing detergents that will be softer and kinder on your dog’s skin. If stains remain, apply a stain remover to the affected area.

In between washes, use your vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt or hair on the bed. Be sure to clean the floor around the bed regularly too.


Where does my dog sleep while the cover is being washed?

To make sure your pup has a place to curl up while the cover is being washed, you can purchase additional covers. If you like to change things up every now and then, you can get covers in different colours and styles.


Why does my dog pee on the bed?

If your dog is regularly urinating on your bed or their own bed, it can be frustrating. However, it’s good to know that this happens with a lot of dogs. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not pee in your bed to get back at you or assert dominance.

Young dogs often have control issues and need to be trained while older dogs can develop incontinence. Timid dogs might urinate if they are scared. 

The best solution is to make sure your dog has their own bed. You should also restrict their access to your bed by closing your bedroom door, especially when you are not at home. Choose a dog bed for them that is made from moisture resistant materials and has a cover that can be easily washed. 

Our George Barclay dog beds are made with Moisture Shield technology which protects the bed’s filling from moisture. Some of our beds have also been coated with WoofWax, a flexible water repellent barrier. It helps prevent the dog bed material from ‘wetting out’.


How long do dog beds last?

The longevity of a dog bed is usually related to its quality. Simply put, higher quality beds will last longer. 

Most of us know the disappointment of cheap, polyester filled dog beds that become lumpy and flat too quickly. Our poor dogs end up sleeping on unsupportive beds or curl up on the couch where we don’t want them.

High quality beds which are made from durable materials give our dogs better support and comfort for longer. They also smell and look fresher while cheaper beds begin falling apart. 

You should replace your dog’s bed when the support is no longer there and it becomes uncomfortable for your dog. Your dog might even tell you when they’re ready for a new bed by avoiding the bed even when it’s clean. 


Where to find high quality dog beds?

If you’re looking for a new dog bed, be sure to choose quality. Our George Barclay dog beds provide superior comfort and support for dogs of all sizes and ages. Made from sturdy, durable materials, our beds are easier to wash and last longer. Browse our range or get in touch for more information.

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