Creatures of Comfort - Dental Puzzle Chew Dog Toy

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A new twist on toys, the Creatures of Comfort Dental Puzzle Chew toy features a unique design allowing you to hide treats within the toy - perfect for hours of play! Great for puppies with teething gums, or all dogs who enjoy the stimulation of a treat hunt.

    Please note: All our toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the toy out of your dog's reach and replace with a designated chew toy.
    Please understand that no dog toy is indestructible, so choose appropriate toy for the age, shape, size and breed of your dog. Monitor use at all times. 

    Always supervise your pet with new toys, inspect them regularly and remove them if they become damaged or unsafe.

    Easy to clean, simply twist apart for easy cleaning after a day of play. Simply rinse with water and air dry after use.

    About the Product

    Same as for humans, without regular brushing, plaque builds up on the teeth of our dogs and hardens to form dental tartar, resulting in gum disease and bad breath. This cylindrical shaped toy acts like a toothbrush, using textured bumps and ridges to help remove dental plaque as your dog chews.

    The textured rubber is designed to stimulate the gums and make contact with the tooth surfaces. The mouth cleaning action happens while the dog is playing and chewing. The durable rubber sections are also designed for you to insert small treats in between, if a longer cleaning session is desired. Easily rinsed off in water and left to air dry after use.

    Creatures of Comfort
    Creatures of Comfort


    • Helps remove dental plaque with every chew
    • Perfect for quiet play sessions
    • Great mental stimulation for puppies and dogs
    • A high-quality firm, flexible rubber toy made from durable material
    • Made for indoor use
    • Twist apart for easy cleaning after a day of play


    Size Guide

    Small - 12.5cm (length), 5.5cm (diameter)

    Suited for most dog breeds

    Designed for light/moderate chewing